Cleaning up as we move

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Cleaning up as we move

My spouse and I are both moving out of the family home since deciding to get divorced. Of course neither one of us want the memories of this time in the form of all our old stuff, and we are both moving into much smaller places. We've accumulated a lot of stuff over the last few years, so we are doing a lot of recycling, donating and getting rid of rubbish. I have become quite the expert at the different ways you to dispose of all sorts of items which can't go into the general rubbish. If you are looking for more information about rubbish removal then you've come to the right place.


Understanding Garbage Removal Recycling Services

If you have hired a garbage removal company to take away your trash, you may have questions or concerns about what happens to the rubbish once it has been loaded onto the truck. Below is a guide which will help you to understand how a garbage removal company which specialises in the process of recycling can help you to deal with your trash while also caring for the environment.

Pre-pick up sorting

A garbed transport company will take away your rubbish for you. However, depending on how the company operates, they may ask you to separate out different types of waste before they will pick it up. For example, you may need to separate out metal, paper and plastics and place them in different coloured bins. Doing so helps the garbage removal company to sort the waste quickly and can help to reduce costs. Other companies will be happy to pick up mixed garbage which will then be classified when it reaches a recycling centre. However, this service will typically be more expensive than a self-sort service.

Transportation to the recycling station

Once the waste management company has emptied your bins, they will transport the waste to the nearest recycling station. Recycling stations are facilities where large quantities of waste are inspected and sorted. Any parts of the waste which can be recycled will be collected and stored while any waste which is cannot be made use of will be sent on to a landfill site. Contractors will sift through the waste material as it passes by on a conveyor belt, picking up items out items which cannot be recycled. No item will be sent to landfill unless it is absolutely necessary, which means you can rest easy knowing that you are minimising your impact on the environment.

The recycling process

Any glass, plastic and metal which can be reclaimed and recycled will then either be sold on in bulk to industrial recycling centres or recycled at the sorting station. For example, large quantities of glass can be crushed and then melted down so it can be refashioned into new glass items, while pieces of concrete can be ground down and then used as backfill on construction sites. The money raised by selling recycled materials can help to keep the cost of your garbage collection service down.

If you are in the process of looking for a garbage removal service, you should ask them about their recycling policy.