Cleaning up as we move

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Cleaning up as we move

My spouse and I are both moving out of the family home since deciding to get divorced. Of course neither one of us want the memories of this time in the form of all our old stuff, and we are both moving into much smaller places. We've accumulated a lot of stuff over the last few years, so we are doing a lot of recycling, donating and getting rid of rubbish. I have become quite the expert at the different ways you to dispose of all sorts of items which can't go into the general rubbish. If you are looking for more information about rubbish removal then you've come to the right place.


Surprising Times You Might Want a Cheap Bin Hire

Renting a skip bin is a good idea for when you're going to be doing any home renovating work, as you can easily collect all the debris and trash in one spot and keep your property clean and safe. However, there are other times when you might want to think about cheap bin hire, even for smaller projects. Note a few suggestions for how they can work for you.

1. When digging up soil

If you're digging up your yard for a new garden, landscaping feature, or any other reason, where will you put all that soil, rock, and gravel? Many bin companies have bins specially designed for heavy soil and green waste, and this can allow you to have it hauled away easily without trying to put it in the back of a truck and finding a landfill.

2. When spring cleaning

The amount of rubbish you haul out for a good spring cleaning may be too much for your standard trash, and trying to break up old furniture or put things in trash bags can make the job even harder than it is. A skip bin can mean easily collecting all those items from your attic or basement so that the job is quick, and you then don't need to worry about your trash collectors refusing to take the rubbish you leave by your curb.

3. When you need to get rid of bulky items

You may not think of a skip bin when it's time to replace an old television or stereo set, patio furniture, and other such bulky items, but many bins are designed just for such items. These may be called hard waste or bulk trash, but in any event, you don't need to worry about finding a landfill or recycling center that will take them if you choose a skip bin instead.

4. When tossing items that can be recycled

Many skip bin companies will have bins that can hold recyclable materials such as kitchen cabinets, glass, mirrors, and the like. Many bin companies will also have a list of things that can be recycled and some items may surprise you; these may include concrete, paver stones, wood studs, and other such items. If you're very eco-conscious and don't want items to simply wind up in a landfill, you can call a skip bin company and ask about a bin that will hold recyclable items for you.