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Cleaning up as we move

My spouse and I are both moving out of the family home since deciding to get divorced. Of course neither one of us want the memories of this time in the form of all our old stuff, and we are both moving into much smaller places. We've accumulated a lot of stuff over the last few years, so we are doing a lot of recycling, donating and getting rid of rubbish. I have become quite the expert at the different ways you to dispose of all sorts of items which can't go into the general rubbish. If you are looking for more information about rubbish removal then you've come to the right place.


How to Protect You and Your Property When You Choose a Bin Hire

Many homeowners rent skip bins for a remodeling or renovation project, or for when you simply want to give your space a good, thorough cleanout. They can be used before a move, so you can toss unnecessary items rather than pack them up, and can also be used after a death in the family so a home can be cleared out of things no one wants to claim. There are many uses for skip bins, so note a few important considerations if you've decided to rent one from a skip bin hire company so you protect yourself and your property.

A bin can topple and slide

Bins are usually somewhat heavy and secure, but this doesn't mean that once they're in place, they won't go anywhere or even tip over. You need to be very careful when loading heavy objects into the bin, and especially if you lean on the bin itself to brace yourself while tossing in concrete, roofing tiles, and the like. Bins with wheels should have locks for the wheels but you would do well to still put some bricks around them to keep them steady, and note that even solid bins with no wheels may still slide if put on a slope. It can be an added risk if you fill it unevenly, so put some bricks around its edges too.

Consider getting one with a lid

Note the expected weather during your project and if a bin with a lid would be a good idea. Even dust and dirt from roofing tiles, concrete chunks, landscaping trees you're pulling up, and all those types of items can get airborne and very irritating and messy around your property. If it should rain overnight or the winds kick up at night and your bin is not covered, you can start the next day with a mess that takes hours to clean up simply because the bin wasn't covered.

Don't put it so close to the building

You want the bin as close to an open window or the roof as possible, so you have an easy job of tossing things into the bin, right? In truth, this is a good way to damage your house as you miss the bin and hit the side of your home or a window. Build a chute from the drop-off point inside and use that, or fill a wheelbarrow and use that to bring items to the bin rather than trying to toss things directly at it and risk doing property damage.